Maryville University are 2019 League of Legends College Champions

Maryville University wins second championship in three years

By RSAA Staff
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Maryville University has swept a courageous Western 3-0 to claim the 2019 College Championship. The Saints, top seeded by many pundits going into the last week’s final series, lived up to expectations.

Highly regarded top laner Aiden “Niles” Tidwell didn’t disappoint with strong performances, however both jungler Andrew “ckg” Smith and midlaner Michael “Wolfe” Taylor handed in stellar performances, with Smith in a MVP-winning deathless finals series, and Taylor dying only once. While Western star Shorthop anchored a brave Western effort, MU’s lane dominance underwrote a strong win.


2019 College Championship Bracket

This is the second time Maryville has lifted the trophy, having won in 2017. This year’s championship saw 354 college teams battle. The RSAA congratulates Maryville University, 2019 College Champions! 

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