Carolayne Henry Announced as Inaugural RSAA Board of Advisors Chair

Mountain West Senior Associate Commissioner elected by board to one year chairperson role of Riot Scholastic Association of America Board of Advisors.

By Michael Sherman
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The Riot Scholastic Association of America (RSAA) the – governing body of College League of Legends today announced Carolayne Henry, the Mountain West Conference’s Senior Associate Commissioner/Senior Woman Administrator, has been confirmed as the chairperson of the RSAA Board of Advisors.

Henry was voted as the inaugural chair of the advisory board, which seeks to develop initiatives that support and augment the growth and maturity of college and scholastic esports. Only board members – comprised of leaders from college esports – voted on the appointment, which will have a one year term.

“Chairperson Henry brings an exceptional wealth of governance and college sports experience to the table,” commented RSAA college lead Michael Sherman, “the RSAA board of advisors has made an outstanding choice. We look forward to working closely with the chair and board on ways we can continue to empower college programs to be ready for the evolving esports landscape.”

“I am honored to have been selected chair of the inaugural Board of Advisors and excited to work with my colleagues on the Board to help make gaming a meaningful and complimentary part of the high school and collegiate experience for all participants”

-Carolayne Henry

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