Announcing the 2020 College League of Legends Season

RSAA expands League of Legends College Championship to 32 school tournament - registration commences November

By Michael Sherman
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This morning, the Riot Scholastic Association of America – the governing body of College League of Legends – announced the 2020 College League of Legends Season.

League of Legends is the largest and most developed college esport in North America. 354 schools participated in 2019, with more than 250 offering some form of official support, ranging from practice facilities to coaches and scholarships. The 2020 season continues the evolution of the sport with the announcement the championship will extend in size to a 32 school bracket. Additionally, team rosters will grow from 6 to 10 to meet the growing roster depth and needs of students.

“As the longest standing college championship in esports, we aspire to make League of Legends an inclusive, generational, college sport,” said Michael Sherman, Head of College at the RSAA. “This year’s season has the benefit of building on six years of expertise and learnings in the space and is the result of continued effort and enthusiasm from college students and administrators across North America.”

Registration for college teams begins November 1 – with the regular season commencing January 20. 

A full, detailed outline of all changes is available on the Riot Scholastic Association of America website: rsaa.riotgames.com/2020-season.

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