Registration for the 2020 College LoL Season is open!

The journey to the 2020 College Championship starts now.

By J.T. Vandenbree
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The journey to the 2020 College Championship starts now. Registration is now open for the 2020 College LoL Season now, and the best college players in NA are assembling their teams. It’s now time for club officers and varsity program leads to register their teams and see if their squad has what it takes to dethrone defending champions Maryville University.

Rules & Eligibility

We’ve already talked about the format in our last article, and now we’re ready to share the full rules.

Code of Conduct: We’ve adopted a version of the AnyKey Keystone Code to serve as the official Code of Conduct for the College LoL Season. You can read our version here, which all players and team managers will be prompted to read and accept as part of the individual registration process.

Season Rules: For full information on season rules that applies to everyone, regardless of what conference they compete in, check out the rules document here.

Conference Formats: Each conference will have their own format document, which covers their regular season and playoffs format, structure, and schedule. Partner conference formats will come later, but you can check out the Regional Conference format and the Teemo Cup format right now.

Championship Rules: We’ve separated the College Championship rules into their own document. There’s some information that isn’t ready yet, but we’ll be announcing more in the next few weeks.

Patch Notes: Grizzled veterans and rule book wizards of the College Season will appreciate this handy list of changes from the 2019 rules.

Championship Changes

With the expansion to a 32-team bracket and the removal of the Play-In, we’re changing the way teams qualify. Now, the top conferences by Conference Ranking will receive additional berths into the Championship. Every conference will send their winning school to the Championship, but only the top 8 conferences will send additional teams. Additionally, we’ll be hand-picking a few final schools to get us to exactly 32 in the bracket. We’ll be talking more about how this will work before the season starts, but we can confirm that we’ll be consulting people outside of Riot to help us make the decision.

The final list of participating partner conferences, the exact Championship schedule, and more information about seeding will be coming before the season kicks off in January.

How to Register

Are you a registered club officer or varsity program lead? A link to the registration page on Battlefy will be emailed to you this afternoon. We’ll be sending out periodic reminders, so if you register your club late, you can still receive the follow-up emails we’ll send out on November 15 and November 26. Be sure to read and understand the eligibility section of the official rules before you sign up to avoid any mistakes! You can also join the official season Discord to get live help with the registration process from Battlefy staff.

Are you a player that wants to get involved? Get in touch with your local club by checking out the Find-A-Club page.

Registration is open from now until November 30th at 11:59pm PT.

Have any questions? Didn’t get the registration link? Email us at collegiate@riotgames.com and we’ll take care of you.

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