Competitive Ruling: Nathan “Persist” Wu

Nathan "Persist" Wu is being suspended one week for inappropriate language directed at an opponent

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  • On 2/22, CSUF player Nathan “Persist” Wu used inappropriate language in an argument with opposing team members in the pregame lobby of their official CLoL match
  • Persist is being issued a 1-round suspension for one instance of inappropriate language directed at an opponent


On February 22, 2020, Cal State University: Fullerton player Nathan “Persist” Wu used inappropriate and insensitive language in the game 3 pregame lobby of their Week 5 match against NM State Esports.

College Season players are expected to maintain good behavior in and out of game, especially when interacting with opponents, win or lose.


2020 College LoL Season Rules

5.3.2 Profanity and Hate Speech. A Team Member may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable; or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct, in or near the match area, at any time.


Persist has violated rule 5.3.2 of the College Season and is suspended for Week 6 of the College LoL Season West Conference. He will be fully eligible to compete the week after if his team advances.

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