2020 College LoL Season Cancelled

In light of the continued seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are cancelling the remainder of the 2020 College LoL Season.

By J.T. Vandenbree
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Since we suspended the League of Legends College Season several weeks ago, we’ve surveyed the remaining teams, monitored the ongoing situation, and assessed options. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing and no clear timeline for a return to safety, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of the College League of Legends season, Teemo Cup, and College Championship. The season will not be rescheduled, and we will not crown a 2020 College Champion.

There has already been significant, irreparable damage to the competitive integrity of the College Season, with 30% of playoffs teams unable to field competitive rosters. Additionally, we have no way to be certain how the situation will change over the foreseeable future. 

Above all else, we must prioritize the health and safety of our players, partners, and staff. We explored a variety of alternatives over the last two months. Despite our best efforts and the input of our partners and RSAA Board of Advisors, we could not find a suitable alternative that was both fair and safe for all participants.

Attempting to resume any kind of sustained competition risks the season being suspended again, either from increasing impacts to teams, or the chance of a key administrator or their loved ones falling ill themselves. As such, future competition cannot be reliably planned for or expected to be a level playing field.


With competition suspended, we have to deviate from our proposed plan to award scholarships based on performance in the 32-team championship bracket. We are committed to distributing the same dollar value of scholarships that we originally budgeted, and have developed an alternative methodology for rewarding teams who were still in the running to advance to the College Championship.

The total scholarship fund will be split between conferences based on the number of berths they were guaranteed to receive to the College Championship, with each of the top four ranked conferences – the North, West, East, and South regional conferences – each receiving an extra share to account for the at-large berths.

More detailed information about scholarship distribution will be shared directly with eligible teams in the coming weeks.

Further Competition

To provide alternatives for the teams that still have the means and motivation to compete, we will be working with Battlefy to host two-day tournaments each weekend. The tournaments will be independent from one another, offer RP prizing, and are open to any CLOL team that competed this year. Registration will take place each week on Battlefy, with more information to be shared with eligible teams via the College Season Discord.

Additionally, we have authorized partner conferences to host their own internal competitions as they see fit. Eligible teams will be contacted directly if that is the case.

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