RSAA expanding Board of Advisors

The RSAA is searching for a high school focused expert for a seat on the RSAA board of advisors

By RSAA Staff
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Last year, we launched the Riot Scholastic Association of America to govern varsity competition for Riot’s games, and foster the development of gaming as a meaningful part of the high school and college experience. The RSAA board of advisors, composed of leaders with a diversity of experience across scholastic esports, was also launched at that time to help us align our efforts with the needs of education and higher learning. Since then, advisor input has been invaluable in our decision making process, including the College Championship expansion and the cancellation of the 2020 College LoL Season due to COVID-19. The board of advisors has also worked with us to identify longer-term focus areas, including college eligibility and diversity and inclusion in scholastic communities.

In the last year, scholastic esports competition has continued to develop not only in College League of Legends, but also in high school and in emerging ecosystems for Riot’s upcoming games. In the future we’ll have more to say on if, how, and when the RSAA might support new Riot titles. For now, the time is right to expand our perspective in the high school space.

We are accepting applications for an additional seat on our board of advisors.  We are looking for an advisor with a background in high school esports. The position is a volunteer, external advisory role. Responsibilities include monthly calls with RSAA staff and advisors, occasional follow-up work between meetings, and (under normal circumstances) in-person meetings several times per year (we cover travel expenses).

We prioritize the following criteria for advisors:

  • Scholastic Esports Experience – You have a nuanced view of scholastic esports, with active involvement in high school esports and knowledge of League of Legends. Experience administering, governing, coaching or teaching other high school activities or sports is also valued.
  • Skin in the Game – You are invested in the future of scholastic esports and how it supports students.
  • Diversity of Perspectives – You bring a unique perspective on behalf of your communities. We highly value advisor diversity.


Selection process:

  • Open application process through May 8 – APPLY HERE
  • Top applicants will be interviewed by Riot staff and/or an RSAA advisor
  • Decision will be announced in June
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