2021 College Championship Bracket Revealed!

It’s here - the official bracket of the 2021 College League of Legends Championship. Find out the results of the Selection Committee, the schedule of matches, and each school’s path to the trophy.

By J.T. Vandenbree
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After four months of fierce competition and two weeks of Selection Committee debate, the 2021 North America College League of Legends Championship bracket is here! 32 schools are coming together to show us the best that College LoL has to offer. Read on to see the results of the selection process, the first round matchups, and more!

Selection Committee Results

Please join us in congratulating the four schools selected to join the 28 auto-qualified schools in the College Championship.

School Conference
Michigan State University North
Columbia College North
Bethany Lutheran College North
SUNY Buffalo Esports Collegiate

The committee then voted on seeding group placement for all 32 schools.

Group A B C D
Seeds 1 – 8 9 – 16 17 – 24 25 – 32
Schools Arizona State Bethany Boise State Farmingdale
Harrisburg Buffalo Colorado State Goucher
Illinois Columbia DePaul Juniata
Illinois State Grand View Florida Southern Marist
Maryville Houston George Mason Montana State
Purdue Michigan State Kennesaw State NYIT
Western Northeastern UC Berkeley Pacific
Winthrop Toronto UC Riverside RPI

To create the championship bracket, schools were randomly placed within the final championship bracket based on their group. For example, the Group A schools were randomly assigned a seed between 1 and 8, and will face a Group D school in the first round.

For more information on the bracket creation, check out the Championship Rules.

Bracket & Schedule

Click here to view the official bracket on Battlefy. For those of you who are too excited to wait for another page to load, you can check out the schedule below. Every College Championship match will be broadcasted live, with more information about where to watch to be shared later this week.

Saturday, May 1

11am PT / 2pm ET

  • Harrisburg vs. Goucher
  • Northeastern vs. GMU
  • Buffalo vs. Florida Southern

2pm PT / 5pm ET

  • Winthrop vs. Marist
  • Michigan State vs. Depaul
  • Houston vs. Kennesaw State

5pm PT / 8pm ET

  • Maryville vs. Montana State
  • Illinois vs. Pacific

Sunday, May 2

11am PT / 2pm ET

  • Western vs. RPI
  • Purdue vs. Juniata
  • Illinois State vs. Farmingdale

2pm PT / 5pm ET

  • Toronto vs. Boise State
  • Arizona State vs. NYIT
  • Columbia vs. Colorado St

5pm PT / 8pm ET

  • Bethany vs. Berkeley
  • Grand View vs. Riverside

Fantasy Brackets

For the college LoL fans who want to flex their bracketology muscles, you can build your College Championship fantasy bracket on Battlefy. The best brackets will earn RP prizing and community bragging rights.

Additional Committee Data

For transparency, we’re also sharing the full vote counts and names of participating Selection Committee members. We are extremely proud to have worked with a passionate group of experts ranging from industry professionals, faculty, and students.

Full Voting Results

Michigan State University: 18

Columbia College: 17

Bethany Lutheran College: 14

SUNY Buffalo: 13

York University: 12

University of California – San Diego: 1

University of Central Florida: 1

Committee Members

  • Adam Antor, Coach & Commentator, Aquinas College
  • Alex Chin, Student Manager, UMass Amherst
  • Alice Qian, Social Media & Competitive Manager, USC
  • Armando Gomez, Jr., Fmr Manager & Competitor, UIUC
  • Callum Fletcher, Fmr Director of Esports, Illinois Wesleyan
  • Christopher Bilski, Head Coach, Muskingum
  • Dennis Geissler, Commentator, Rutgers
  • Dominic Domingo, Fmr Commentator, UC Irvine
  • Harrison Greer, Amateur & Collegiate Coach, Lourdes
  • Ian McCormick, Head Coach, Evil Geniuses’ Prodigies
  • Jonathan McDaniel, Assistant GM, Golden Guardians
  • Jordan Tsigas, Manager & Tournament Admin, Florida State
  • Jose Espin, Fmr Associate Esports Director, Robert Morris
  • Leonardo Soriano III, Tournament Admin, UEA
  • Matthew Hughs, Esports Club President & Commentator, Hofstra
  • Payton Tucker, Fmr Coach & Competitor, UArk / Springdale High School
  • Ryan Bouchard, Coach, Le Moyne College / Syracuse
  • Sean Shannon, LoL Program Lead, Grand Canyon University
  • Tim Sevenhuysen, Analyst & Commentator, Oracle’s Elixir
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