2019 CC Day 1

Season Overview

With the Fall Warmup approaching playoffs, it’s time to talk about the 2022 College LoL Season in more detail. We’ve previously mentioned that 2022 is going to be light on changes as we prepare for big changes in 2023, so this will be a shorter change than usual. Here’s what’s returning from the 2021 Season:

  • Four regional conferences (North, South, East, and West) competing in a six-week Swiss Format regular season, with 6-0 and 5-1 teams advancing to the playoffs
  • A group of Partner Conferences competing in their own season formats; with all 11 conferences returning from 2021 and several new conferences joining the fold
  • Conference playoffs and championships that advance schools into the College Championship
  • A 32-school College Championship bracket, with teams qualifying from conference playoffs or selection by the College Championship Selection Committee
  • Scholarship prizes for the top 16 Championship schools, awarded directly to players and student staff
  • An 8-school College Championship finals event to crown the best school in North America
  • The Teemo Cup, a consolation tournament that lets teams who missed their conference playoffs keep competing, with RP prizes on the line
  • Full champion unlocks for all participating players for the duration of the season

New For 2022

Although we aren’t making format changes until next season, we have some quality-of-life improvements to make things better now.

Esports & Non-Athletic Conferences

The updated Partner Conference Policy kicks in this year, and there will be some new partner conferences to show for it. The new partner conferences will be announced around registration, so stay tuned.

Extended Eligibility for Graduating Students

Based on administrator and student sentiment, we’re allowing students who graduate after the end of the regular season to keep playing through the Conference Playoffs. Previously, this was allowed for students who graduated after playoffs, but before the College Championship. This will help quarter system schools keep a stable roster and better support seniors.

Conference Ranking & Championship Berths

With the first 32-school championship in the books, we’re changing the conference ranking system to only account for the number of wins earned by the 2 top-performing schools from each conference. Additionally, with a bunch of new conferences joining, only the four top-ranked conferences (in order: North, East/South, and West) will receive more than one guaranteed College Championship berth.

Public Registration Link

We’re doing away with the sneaky registration process and will instead share the registration link publicly. We’ll still be directly sharing the link with the RSAA Mailing List, partner conferences, and College Club Officers, but you won’t need to dig through your email or bother your Club President to get the link to register anymore. It’s still the teams’ responsibility to sort it out if more than one team from the same school registers, but we’ll let you know if that happens.

Other changes will be included in the Rules Patch Notes, which you can view on the 2022 College LoL Season Registration announcement.



To register, visit the 2022 College LoL Season homepage. Registration will be open from November 3rd through November 30th at 5:00pm PT. You’ll need to provide info for at least five players, your school name, a team logo, and a few eligibility forms to get your team squared away.

To learn more about the registration process, check out our 2022 College LoL Season registration announcement.


Important Dates

  • Registration: November 3 – 30
  • Season starts: January 17
  • End of conference play: April 10
  • College Championship Round of 32: April 23 – 24
  • College Championship Round of 16: April 30 – May 1
  • College Championship Top 8: June 9 – 12

We are currently evaluating whether or not the College Championship will be held onsite or remotely. A final decision will be made before the end of the calendar year.

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