Apply For the 2022 College Championship Selection Committee

Community applications are open now for the inaugural committee

By John Gallagher
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College Championship Selection Committee

Over the next month, the RSAA will assemble a panel of experts from the LCS and College LoL ecosystem, including Rioters, analysts, and industry professionals to form the 2022 College LoL Championship Selection Committee. The committee will be composed of a majority of non-Rioters, and overseen by RSAA Operations & Championship Lead J.T. “Tiza” Vandenbree. The committee will include some hand-selected members, as well as an open application process for qualified community members.

Selection Process

The panel will vote in four teams from a pool of competitors who didn’t quite make it out of their conference. Schools will be eligible to receive votes based on their finishing position in their conference playoffs and the number of berths already awarded to their conference as shown in the table below.

Conference Berths Eligible Ranks
1 2nd
2 3rd – 4th
3 or more 4th – 8th

Panelists may nominate a school for voting that qualified for their conference playoffs and finished in the top half of their conference, but did not reach the ranks listed above. The nomination must be seconded by another panelist to become official.

Additionally, the committee has the ability to adjust the seeding groups for the final bracket. No school may be placed in a group above a school that finished above them in their conference playoffs.

Selection Committee Applications

If you are interested in being considered for the selection committee, please follow the link below and submit the form no later than Wednesday, March 16 at 12:00pm Pacific Time. Applications will be evaluated on relevant professional experience and familiarity with LoL Esports and College LoL. Committee members must not be presently affiliated with a school either qualified for or eligible to be voted into the College Championship.

2022 College Championship Selection Committee Application

Committee members will be expected to study a provided stats packet on all eligible teams in addition to their own team study, and attend up to two committee meetings via video chat. Your name will be published along with the voting results, but individual votes will remain private.

Please contact us at with questions. Any applications sent to this email will not be considered.


  • Feb 22 – Mar 16: Committee applications open
  • Mar 31: Committee members finalized
  • Apr 4 – Apr 11: Additional team nominations open
  • Apr 12 – Apr 14 Selection process begins
  • Apr 18: Deadline for College Championship bracket reveal
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