2019 CC Day 1

Season Overview

With the 2022-23 school year coming up, it’s time to talk about the 2023 College LoL Season in more detail. We’ve previously shared the major changes that are coming your way, so take a look at that announcement for some context. But first, here’s what’s returning from the 2022 Season:

  • Four regional conferences (North, South, East, and West) playing in a regular season and playoff structure amongst themselves
  • A group of partner athletic conferences competing in their own season formats
  • Conference playoffs and championships that advance schools into cross-conference Championship competition
  • A 32-school College Championship bracket, with teams qualifying from conference playoffs or selection by the College Championship Selection Committee, culminating in a live finals event
  • Scholarship prizes for the top 16 College Championship schools, awarded directly to players and student staff
  • The Teemo Cup, a consolation tournament that lets teams who missed their conference playoffs keep competing, with RP prizes on the line
  • Full champion unlocks for all rostered players for the duration of the season



New For 2023

Remember to check out our 2023 format announcement for more context and some extra info.

Two Divisions

Regional conferences will be divided into two skill divisions based on the existing preseason seeding system, where the five highest-rated players on the roster are given a point value based on their Ranked Solo division and tier when registration ends. The top 32 schools from each regional conference will be placed in the Championship Division, for 128 schools total. All other teams will be placed in the Open Division. Based on data from the last few seasons, the Championship Division will be almost entirely teams with an average ranking of Diamond or higher.

The Championship Division conferences will advance into the College Championship as you know and love it. There will be a separate Open Division Championship to give those teams a chance to have cross-conference competition, earn RP prizes, and crown an overall champion.

Partner Conferences will be placed into either the Championship or Open Division before the start of the season. We’ll share more about that process in the future.

Regional Conference Format

Swiss is dead. Long live Swiss.

Regional conferences will now play in a best-of-three group stage round robin, with the top teams in each group advancing to the best-of-five, single elimination conference playoffs. Groups will be seeded by the same system that split up the divisions, and all matchups and default match schedule will be set at the start of the season. Teams can agree to reschedule any of their regular season matches to any date during the regular season.

The Championship Division will have four groups of eight teams, with the top four in each group advancing to the playoffs. The Open Division will have a variable number of groups and playoff spots per group, depending on the number of teams participating. We’ll try to keep groups as close to eight teams as possible, and the playoffs are fixed at sixteen teams. The regular season will now be seven weeks long, up from six.

Multiple Teams Per School

With the new division structure, we will be allowing more than one team per school to enter the College Season. Only one team per school will be allowed into the Championship Division. Players are not allowed to switch between teams once the season starts.

Other changes will be included in the Rules Patch Notes, to be released when registration opens.



Registration will be open for all of November, ending at 5:00pm PT on November 30th, and will take place directly on the Battlefy CLOL hub. You’ll need to provide info for at least five players, your school name, a team name and logo, and a few eligibility forms to get your team squared away. If you have questions or need help, join us on the CLOL Discord Server for live support.



Important Dates

  • Registration: November 1 – 30
  • Season starts: January 23
  • End of conference play: April 10
  • College Championship: tbd, Late April – Early June
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