StreamRecap Captures the College Season

The RSAA has partnered with StreamRecap to create full-game replays and highlights for every 2021 College Season match.

By J.T. Vandenbree
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We are proud to announce that StreamRecap will bring automated full-game replays and match highlights for every single 2021 College Season match. All videos are free to download, share, and use like any League of Legends gameplay. All College Season match pages will include the full match replays to watch online or to download directly. You can view every replay and highlight video, searchable by team, round, or Summoner name, by visiting StreamRecap’s CLOL Portal. Videos are already available for the first six weeks of the season.

“With over 150 matches taking place every week, there’s more than enough College Season action for everyone,” said J.T. Vandenbree, Operations and Championships lead at the RSAA. “While plenty of matches are streamed live, this partnership will allow teams to scout their opponents, let players show off their best plays to friends, fans, and LCS scouts, and give schools an easy way to share their competitions with their communities.”

For more information about using gameplay footage, check out the Riot Legal page.


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