Fall ’21 Announcement

Format and dates for the upcoming fall LoL competition, with registration opening 9/27.

By J.T. Vandenbree
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Welcome back to school! We’re here to share the format and dates for the upcoming fall competition.

Last year, we held the Fall Invitational – a limited-size competition meant to pit the best teams of the fall against each other as a teaser for the season. This year, we’ve decided to go in a different direction. Instead of a super-competitive bracket-style competition, we want to open the floodgates and get anybody who wants to play a bunch of matches, without early eliminations, long schedules, or conflicts with classes. We’re also throwing in in-game prizing for top teams AND raffles for all participating schools.

The fall competition is separate from the 2022 College LoL Season, which we talked about a bit in the Summer Preview. We’ll be announcing more about the 2022 Season after fall registration opens.

Let’s go into detail.


  • Free to enter
  • Group stage into 16-team single elimination playoffs
  • No limit on number of participating schools
  • Top 64 schools placed in fixed division, all other schools placed in open division
  • Prizes for playoff teams in both divisions, raffle prizes for all participating players
  • Registration opens September 27


We will split all teams into two divisions based on your roster’s solo queue ranking (more on that later). The top 64 schools will be placed in a fixed-size division, and all other schools will be placed in the open, unlimited-size division. Both divisions will play in the same format and have the same schedule. There is no separation of conferences or regions.

Each division will play in a two-weekend round robin group stage, with reschedules. The fixed division will be 8 groups of 8 schools, and the open division will be roughly 6-8 schools per group, depending on size. The group stage will be best-of-one, so that each school has a variety of opponents and a guaranteed number of games to play. Bo1 isn’t everyone’s favorite, but it’s necessary here to guarantee the number of games each school will play, make scheduling easier, and lessen the impact of a couple of bad games in your group results.

The top 16 per division will advance to a single elimination bracket over two more weekends. The top 2 teams per fixed division group will advance, and the open division groups will vary depending on the number of schools participating. The playoff bracket will be best-of-fives over the next two weekends.

Full rules will be released alongside registration, but it’s going to effectively be a lighter (and shorter) version of the 2021 College Season Rules.


This will be a busy couple of weeks for teams, but we prioritized a shorter, more flexible calendar to get most teams in and out quickly, rather than monopolize your fall calendar.

Registration: Sep 27 – Oct 1

We will be sharing the link to register once it opens. We’ll post a new article on the RSAA site, and also directly contact college club officers and the CLOL Discord. Stay tuned!

Group stage: Oct 9-17

Matches will be scheduled on Saturday and Sunday of both weekends, with no more than 2 best-of-ones to be played on the same day. Teams may reschedule any of their group stage matches to start at any day and time between the 9th and 17th. Default match times for this phase will be 12:00pm PT and 2:00pm PT.

Playoffs: Oct 23-24, 30-31

Playoffs will be best-of-fives, with one round per day. Start times will be flexed slightly around the time zones of participating schools, but will default to 12:00pm PT.


All playoff teams in both divisions will receive RP prizing based on their finishing position. Additionally, all participating schools and players will be entered into a raffle for in-game prizes, win or lose! We’re still finalizing some details, but we’ll have everything ready to share when registration opens.


Eligibility is the same for fall as it is for the college season. Players must be active, full-time students in a 2-year, 4-year, or graduate degree program at the school they’re competing for. One team may enter per school, and it’s on you to figure out who that is.

Each school can have between 5 and 10 players on their roster. No roster changes can be made after registration closes, but you can freely substitute any players on your roster in between games. Players will be provided with access to all champions via League Unlocked for the duration of the competition – even if they don’t make playoffs.

We will not be conducting sportsmanship checks, but your players or team can still get the boot if they’re a jerk to other teams. We’re here to have fun. =)


Players will be given seeding points based on their Ranked Solo division and tier at the time of team registration. Teams will be seeded based on the sum of points of the five highest-scoring members of the team roster. Seeding ties will be broken by the highest individual player ranking.


Rank Points Rank Points
Challenger 15 Diamond 5 – 8
Grandmaster 12 Platinum 1 – 4
Master 10 Gold – Unranked 0

Up Next – 2022 College LoL Season

Shortly after fall registration, we’ll be talking more about the upcoming 2022 College LoL Season. Things will be relatively stable compared to the 2021 Season. If you’re not familiar, you can read more on last season’s page.

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